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TV 2.0 Comes to Asia – CCP’s post-DFS release

Industry Executives Demonstrate Commitment to Developing Technologies and Standards that Secure Digital Content with Domain Control — 30 Dec 2008


Industry Executives Demonstrate Commitment to Developing Technologies and Standards that

Secure Digital Content with Domain Control

Singapore – December 11, 2008 – Today, the Centre for Content Protection (CCP) announced that more than 200 executives participated in the second annual Digital Future Symposium, an anchor event of the Asia Television Forum co-organized by the CCP and the Motion Picture Association (MPA). Themed “This Business of Content Protection: Movers, Shakers and Direction-Makers,” the event was attended by content owners, producers, media and technology professionals who are working to establish common standards that will allow consumers easy access to television programs and movies whenever and wherever they want them. The Symposium showcased a vision for “TV 2.0” that will, for example, use the PC as a “jukebox” where content can be stored so that people can view it using different devices belonging to one authorized domain as specified by the usage rights associated with it.

“With the current advances in technologies and standards like Content Protection and Copy Management (CPCM), the business of content protection is becoming more and more about ‘domain’ control, which refers to a physical space like the home,” said Mr. Isa Seow, Technology Director for the CCP. “The conversations at this year’s Symposium clearly showed that the region’s digital entertainment industry is moving in a direction to give people more of what they want while protecting and fueling creativity as well as driving new revenue streams.”

Amongst the highlights of this year’s Symposium was a live demonstration by Fastcom Technology of how consumers can enjoy access to content over multiple devices in their home or in multiple locations within an authorized domain, making it easy for that content to be shown simultaneously on a controlled number of screens, or recorded and then shown at a later time on multiple devices.

“Asian audiences are looking for new ways to enjoy entertainment offerings, and their future-looking attitudes may be key to the acceptance of home networking solutions,” said Mr. Fabrice

Moscheni, Managing Director, Fastcom Technology. “I really see Asia as setting the pace for the rest of the world.”

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