Centre for Content Promotion

Who we are

The Centre for Content Promotion, previously known as the Centre for Content Protection, was established in 2007 as a consortium of interests committed to shaping Asia Pacific’s digital future through innovative technologies providing secure means for consumers to enjoy anywhere, anytime, any device access to their favourite music, movies and television programs.

Since then, the CCP and it’s represented constituents have promoted the continued development of new businesses, service models, and consumerism through research, forums, conferences and workshops undertaken throughout the region. A cornerstone theme in all of these initiatives has been the need and the means to protect content from digital piracy.

As a neutral yet credible source of reference and information on the latest content platforms and protection measures, the Centre fosters awareness and dialogue between various academic, governmental and industry organizations to promote best practices and solutions that address consumers’ needs while preserving creators’ rights.

CCP – supported organizations now include:

  • Content Providers: Movies, TV, Film, Games, Music Producers
  • Technology Providers: Devices, Software, Middleware
  • Security Providers: Content Protection Companies
  • Content Distributors: Broadcasters, Platform Operators
  • Government Organizations / Industry Associations / Institutions


Our history

The CCP was established in 2007 as a consortium committed to shaping Asia Pacific’s digital future through innovative technologies. It’s first Digital Future Symposium, featuring more than 20 speakers and 300 attendees was launched the following year.

CCP welcomed 36 large digital companies to join as general or advisory members. A substantial number of basic ‘primer documents’, mapping players in the region and offering research opportunities in this area were added in 2009 and thereafter, with the CCP organizing conferences over the next two years throughout the Asia Pacific region, most notably in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The CCP’s 2011 Digital Future Symposium, held at the National University of Singapore, featured more than 20 speakers from 6 territories and examined the status of online content delivery platforms in the Asia Pacific region.

The CCP teamed up with Digital Content Protection LLC to host the Asia Digital Protection Summit 2012 in Shenzhen, China. The Fast Track Southeast Asia conference followed in Singapore in 2014. Various networking sessions convened in Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam throughout 2015, along with a further iteration of the Fast Track Southeast Asia conference in Kuala Lumpur.


Our objective

The primary objective for the Centre is to network content promotion and protection expertise throughout the region and disseminate this information to a broad audience to encourage the continued evolution of creative expression and technological innovation. Secure content delivery across a safe and open internet plays an important role in this process.

CCP is an avenue to promote an understanding of the ecosystem between creators, technology developers, service providers, regulators, and consumers of our shared digital future.