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Centre for Content Protection Locates Office in Singapore

Centre’s key goals are to invite technology and media companies in the Asia Pacific region to share knowledge for digital content protection — 28 Nov 2007



Singapore – November 28, 2007 – Today, Asia-Pacific’s first Centre for Content Protection (CCP) was officially launched at the Digital Future Symposium held in conjunction with the Asia Television Forum at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. The CCP’s key objectives are to be a clearinghouse and resource centre for information related to all aspects of digital distribution and content protection covering resource information for the Asia Pacific region.

“Singapore was chosen to host the Centre because of its strong commitment to the protection of intellectual property as well as its dedicated embrace and implementation of pro-active policies to promote media related industries. Content protection is unquestionably a critical requirement for the continued development of a lively, creative media and entertainment industry in Singapore” said Frank Rittman, one of the founding Directors of the CCP. “Although the Centre will be fully regional in its application, the support and encouragement for the initiative by so many of our colleagues within both the private and public sectors here convinced us Singapore was the place to operate from.” Rittman added.

Chief Executive Officer of the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), Dr Christopher Chia, said: “Singapore is pleased to be selected as the hub for digital media education and content protection in Asia. The move underscores our strengths as a Global Media City, our respect for content management as well as our efforts in exploring new Interactive Digital Media technologies to fast-track our media industry forward in an increasingly converged world. As a secure hub for media content, Singapore will continue to encourage initiatives to promote Intellectual Property protection in Asia and beyond.”

“Movie studios and television broadcasters are highly motivated to meet the dynamic demands of the entertainment consuming public—an increasingly large, disparate, and demanding audience. Consumers receive content through an ever-increasing number of paths and wish to enjoy it on an ever-increasing variety of devices – this challenges industry to provide technological solutions to deliver and protect content in a flexible, consumer-friendly, interoperable manner. We hope that the Centre for Content Protection can be a resource that helps the relevant industries meet and exceed consumer expectations,” said Jim Williams, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Motion Picture Association of America.

The over-arching goals for the Centre are to expand consumer viewing choices by promoting technological measures that permit secure distribution of digital television; educating the public on the “digital transition”; and supporting technical solutions for legal downloads, home networking and remote access. The CCP will also discuss anti-piracy technological solutions where members within the organization can network and share knowledge on content protection and expand outreach programs within the region.

The CCP will first have an online offering of core services it provides to all members in its first year. Further it will produce electronic materials, white papers, create networking channels for its members, and hold events and conferences. The Directors will also seek to finalise its Primary Advisory Committee, comprised of content and technology-related entities, which will lead the organization.

“More sophisticated content security is becoming essential in Asia Pacific to help fuel the content creation and broadcast industry,” said Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer, Verimatrix. “With accepted standards in place, content owners gain confidence, innovative business models are launched and consumers gain access to high-quality content when, how and where they want it. Verimatrix is proud to be a member of the CCP. We believe the Centre will prove to be an important resource for the industry as new pay-TV business models, like IPTV, gain traction.”

Looking ahead, the Centre will publish a set of basic “primer documents,” map relevant players in the region, offer projects and opportunities in the area and hold a major regional conference on the subject of content protection in Singapore. The cost for membership is USD$2500 and application information can be found at www.contentprotection.net. Potential members may also contact Cherlyn Lu at [email protected] regarding memberships.

The Digital Future Symposium is an anchor event of the Asia Television Forum which is part of the Asia Media Festival held in Singapore from 14 November to 4 December 2007 comprising events for both trade professionals and consumers. Hosted by the Media Development Authority (MDA), the Festival offers opportunities for the media industry to share best practices, forge strong business networks and foster international collaborations

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