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Verimatrix Demonstrates Content Security Leadership at the Asia Television Forum 2007

Joins the Motion Picture Association’s Centre for Content Protection in Asia Pacific — 28 Nov 2007

Joins the Motion Picture Association’s Centre for Content Protection in Asia Pacific

Asia Television Forum 2007, Singapore, Nov. 28, 2007 – Verimatrix, setting the standard in content security technologies that enhance the value of pay-TV networks, today demonstrates its commitment to leadership in content security with its participation at the Asian Television Forum 2007 and its membership in the regional Centre for Content Protection (CCP), supported by the Motion Picture Association (MPA),

The Centre, launched today at the Digital Future Symposium, held in conjunction with the Asia Television Forum 2007, aims to be the premier resource centre for information on content protection and digital distribution in Asia Pacific.

Recently named the global leader in IPTV content security by industry analyst firms TelecomView and MRG, Verimatrix is well positioned to provide industry knowledge and technical expertise to the Centre’s programs, supporting its vision for a secure digital marketplace where content creators, distributors and consumers can participate with confidence.

With offices in Hong Kong and Tokoyo, Verimatrix currently secures networks at NTT’s On Demand TV, Korea Telecom (KT), Neo Index in Japan, Time Broadband India/ MTNL and VideoEzy in Australia among others.  Earlier this year the company was selected as the winner of InfoVision Award and the China Outstanding IPTV Solution Award.

“Developments in the broadcast arena, like IPTV, are opening doors to a wealth of new delivery models that promise more personal, more immersive, interaction with content. The challenge is in creating a secure framework for these ideas to thrive,” said Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer at Verimatrix. “In this way, the mission of the Centre for Content Protection is very much in line with Verimatrix’s – to enhance the value of content to all stakeholders in the industry.”

Oetegenn is speaking at the Digital Future Symposium on “The Softer Side of DRM: Enabling Entertainment” highlighting a “3 Dimensional” or layered approach to content protection that will enable, rather than inhibit, future delivery business models. Verimatrix will also be hosting the luncheon on the 28th November, at the Digital Future Symposium and will be demonstrating its award-winning VCAS solution for content security. For more information, please click here.

About the Motion Picture Association
The Motion Picture Association (MPA) represents the interests of major motion picture companies in the global marketplace. On behalf of its member companies, the MPA conducts investigations around the world, assists with the criminal and civil litigation generated by such cases, and conducts education outreach programs to teach movie fans around the world about the harmful effects of piracy. The MPA directs its worldwide antipiracy operations from its headquarters based in Los Angeles, California and has regional offices located in Brussels (Europe, Middle East and Africa), São Paulo (Latin America), Montreal (Canada) and Singapore (Asia-Pacific). The MPA’s anti-piracy activities have helped to transform entire markets from pirate to legitimate, benefiting video distributors, retailers, and foreign and local filmmakers alike. The MPA member companies include: Buena Vista International, Inc.; Paramount Pictures Corporation; Sony Pictures Releasing International Corporation; Twentieth Century Fox International Corporation; Universal International Films, Inc.; and Warner Bros. Pictures International, a division of Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. For more information about the MPA, please visit www.mpa-i.org.

About Verimatrix
Verimatrix sets the standard for software-based content security and revenue enhancement technologies in pay-TV networks, with a global customer base of telecommunications providers.  The Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) offers a suite of next-generation technologies that has been independently audited and ranked as the global leader in IPTV content protection.  VCAS was designed for two-way and hybrid networks to protect content and enhance revenue streams, while combating digital piracy wherever it occurs within the distribution chain.  The company’s content security experts maintain close relationships with the major studios and broadcasters to help address the challenges facing pay-TV networks of today, and those of tomorrow.  Verimatrix customers benefit with most favorable access to premium content, enabling the richest, most versatile viewing experience for their digital video subscribers.  For more information on why VCAS is the most widely deployed IPTV content security system with tier one operators, please visit www.verimatrix.com.