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CCP report for sale: Dodgy Gadgets!


Our CCP roving reporter has been going to Sim Lim and other places to check out these extraordinary movie boxes that do not require subscription! CCPhas completed a report regarding streaming media devices found in Asia that seek out online movies and TV content (much of it is unlicensed and Hollywood related). Full report including in-depth information about the functions of these gadgets/boxes costs SGD 300 for current PAC members, SGD 450 for regular members and SGD 500 for non-members.

Report includes:
In-depth functions of boxes
Types of content
Identity of manufacturers
Other relevant facts

Contact Isa at isa_seow@contentprotection.net or +65 82014421.


A one-off payment for a media player that streams the latest Hollywood blockbusters into your home for free seems too good to be true but this
and much more are available and on sale at retail complexes in Asia. Consumers seem to be taking the bait, forking out between USD $79 to $182 for these devices which connect to their television sets and stream movies such as ‘Act of Valor’, ‘Dr Seuss’ The Lorax’ and ‘Hugo’, and television programmes such as ‘True Jackson, VP,’ a popular Nickelodeon series aimed at tweens.

These media players take their cue from echnological giants, integrating the best of Smart TV, on-demand television and cable television. They are for instance, hooked up to users’ existing Internet subscription cables and television sets in a way very much similar to cable set top boxes, minus the third party service provider of course. They stream the latest movies and TV programming to consumer homes.

The interfaces are now user-friendly, boasting menus similar to that of an iPhone and hybrid television sets. The players come with a preset number of applications that allow the user to watch live television channels – such as CCTV, BBC and Skysports –, play games and sing karaoke. Some even allow users to access sites like YouTube and login to their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.
The main function of such media players, which is to stream movies, has also been designed for ease of use on the part of the consumer, allowing the user to search for movies in both Mandarin and English. Models such as the Amoi VT6 for instance, support Traditional Chinese, English, French, German and Spanish. This was not the case two years ago, where a majority of streaming media players only operated in the Chinese language. With a remote control, users can input a movie title; select the top hit and then watch it for free on their television sets. Players are configurated to trawl servers worldwide for high quality versions of a certain programme. Most of these servers are based in China and include sites like Fenzhou.com, bby.me and zdy8.com. These players link the user up to Asian drama serials, the English Premier League, Bollywood and a multitude of other programmes the world over. Movie and television show artwork are also fed into the system to accompany the good quality streams.